No Bloom Now

No Bloom Now is the solo project of Berlin based musician and producer Lukas Zepf.


In his music, the multi-instrumentalist interweaves elements of artpop and electronic to create unique and complex soundscapes that have a strong narrative. The first two EPs and singles have already made it clear where the journey is headed. The love for detail can be found in the depths of his tracks. Complex drum sounds and wide synthesizers that inspire dreams take you on a journey through different worlds.


„The aesthetics of sound are very important to me. It is always the case that I have a story, a state or a mood in my head, which I then want to transform into a sound. Only then can I find my way into the song and develop it further. The sound aesthetic allows me to enter, so to speak. I want to be able to lose myself in my songs at a certain point and be surprised. The story I put into a song should tell itself to me again at some point. As if I had never heard it before.“ 


The fact of storytelling through sound led him to collaborate with independent game developer Bleakmill, based in Berlin and Glasgow, for the game INDUSTRIA he wrote a very personal and profound soundtrack. The game and soundtrack will be released in 2021.The pieces for the soundtrack were written over several years and kept changing their form and sound. „We set out from the beginning that we wanted it to be an intimate and sensitive soundtrack, no orchestra no epic finale,“ No Bloom Now says.


So he reached for other instruments and methods, managing to write a stand-alone work of art that works on its own.


INDUSTRIA Original Soundtrack OUT NOW

On the original soundtrack, soft synthesizers and deep sound-scapes of samples tell the story of the protagonists and theirjourney through time. Again and again vocals break through thewide surfaces, give new impulses and create intimate moments.Interludes with acoustic guitar repeatedly open up spaces andsupport the surrealistic character of the story. No Bloom Nowexperiments with old drum machines and sound fragments thatevoke memories of old science fiction movies like bladerunner.Piano chords merge with drones and arpeggiator form the coun-terpart to No Bloom Now‘s floating vocals.