Crime Novel Drum

Crime Novel Drum is the pseudonym of the Hamburg musician Leon Waterkamp. He currently lives in Berlin. In his music, he creates sound worlds in which he combines his voice with electronic and acoustic sounds to create a multi-layered artpop collage.

Instruments often sound schematic. Like a shadow on the wall.

He is most experimental with his own voice. With it, he creates a very changeable sonic alter ego. But even apart from his voice, no sonic adventure is too daring for him. In this way, he contrasts the basic structures of the songs, which do not hide from a traditional indie-pop structure, and gives the overall picture a refreshing edge. The emotions of his songs are expressed in the centre of this field of tension he has opened up.

After several collaborative projects in the last few years, he is now in starting his solo project and will provide the first impressions of his musical world with his first two singles in 2021.


Crime Novel Drum's first single "Plum Blossoms" out now!

And more music is already on its way.


Grainy vocal samples that merge into a chorus and blurred lead vocals carried by driving drums. Piano arpeggios share space with a bouncing bassline and close the rhythmic voids.